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Since 1997, noise has been reported as the number one neighborhood complaint. (According to the American Housing Survey for the United States conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.)

Did you also know that…

Noise can cause or increase sleeplessness, irritability and anxiety?

There have been numerous acts of violence, including murder, associated with noise.

Noise negatively impacts health, safety, comfort and productivity.

The mission of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) includes fostering "a decent, safe, and sanitary home and suitable living environment for every American." Accounting for acoustics is intrinsic to this mission, as an environment's safety and comfort can be compromised by excessive noise.

In order to facilitate the creation of suitable living environments, HUD has developed a standard for noise criteria. The basic foundation of the HUD noise program is set out in the noise regulation 24 CFR 51B.

HUD's noise policy clearly requires noise attenuation measures be provided when proposed projects are to be located in high noise areas. Within the HUD Noise Assessment Guidelines, potential noise sources are examined for projects located within 15 miles of a military or civilian airport, 1,000 feet from a road or 3,000 feet from a railroad. Of course, all homeowners deserve an acoustically correct dwelling.

HUD Regulations set forth the following exterior noise standards for new housing construction assisted or supported by the department:

65 Ldn* or less - Acceptable

Exceeding 65 Ldn but not exceeding 75 Ldn - Normally Unacceptable (To achieve an acceptable status, appropriate sound attenuation measures must be provided)

Exceeding 75 Ldn - Unacceptable

*Ldn - Day Night average sound level (DNL) is the 24-hour average sound level, in decibels, obtained after the addition of 10 decibels to the sound levels occurring between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.

HUD's regulations do not contain standards for interior noise levels. Rather a goal of 45 decibels is set forth and the attenuation requirements are geared toward achieving that goal. It is assumed that with standard construction any building will provide sufficient attenuation so that if the exterior level is 65 Ldn or less, the interior level will be 45 Ldn or less.

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